10 Minute Recipes: Fuss-free Dishes

Easy Japanese or Japanese-inspired recipes you can make at home anytime anyday. Here is everything you need for a quick and simple meal from our wide selection of Japanese imported food. Scroll down for a special promotion for one of our food collections! 

Kani Soup Stock with Noodles

Morita Kani Zeitaku Tsuyu is a luxurious all-purpose soup stock that combines the rich flavour of domestic red snow crab with the elegant flavour of kelp stock. Using red snow crab extract and crab powder, you can taste the elegant yet rich taste in the soup. Great in fried rice, tamagoyaki, hotpot and pasta too. This crab dashi flavour can be easily enjoyed with some Japanese noodles. 

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Ninben Miso 

Ninben was founded in the Edo period in 1699, and since then, they have been perfecting the art of dashi (soup stock). This Niben miso soup comes in a convenient single-serving package that is great for busy nights. It is freeze-dried to maintain its flavourful soup stock, Ninben has successfully maintained the flavour of traditional Japanese miso soup. The mellow taste of the domestically produced white miso, the addition of dried bonito powder and kelp, and the use of premium ingredients, makes Ninben Miso Soup a comforting bowl of soup. Simply just add hot water.

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Marutai Ramen

One of the most popular instant ramen in Singapore. Add as many ingredients and toppings as you would like and have a bowl of authentic ramen within minutes. Now in three new flavours - Nagasaki Lemon Tonkotsu, Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen), and Tantan Mazesoba.

Marutai Nagasaki Lemon Tonkotsu has a soup that is a refreshing citrus soup that is rich in pork bone soup but slightly sour with domestic (setouchi) lemon powder. With lemon flavoured seasoning oil, you can enjoy a refreshing scent even more.

Marutai Tantan Mazesoba is made from wheat flour sourced from the Fukuoka Prefecture, the noodles have a smooth, chewy texture. Plenty of ground sesame and sesame seeds are used in the soup, with the accent of Japanese pepper and chilli peppers give the soup a more flavourful depth. 

Marutai Hiyashi Chuka is cold ramen made from wheat flour sourced from the Fukuoka Prefecture. The noodles have a smooth, chewy texture. The soup is slightly tart and has a refreshing sweetness. Best served chilled.

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Cold Tofu Ideas

You would have seen this dish as an appetizer in many restaurants and eateries. Cold tofu is the perfect side dish to any meal and the best part is you can customize it according to your preference. This easy side dish can be whipped up almost instantly, and here are some of our recommended toppings and sauces. Just pour to your tofu and it is ready to be served!

Daisho Rei Syabu Baisho Kin-goma Tare is a sesame sauce made by adding Saikyo miso and almond paste to golden sesame for a rich and deep flavour. Perfect for salads and chilled tofu. 

Ninben Shirogoma Tantan-Men Furikake has a sharp spiciness of pepper and the richness of white sesame and chillies, to create Tantan men style. Try it with chilled silken tofu for a little kick. Aside from being a topping for your tofu, you can easily use this as a topping for various dishes such as fried rice, and seasoned vegetables.

S&B Okazu Ra-Yu Choikara is a chilli oil with fragrant garlic pieces. It has a crispy texture of the fried garlic and roasted almonds with a mildly spicy flavour, making it the perfect savoury topping. Read more about Okaza Ru-Yu Choikara on our blog here.

Hachi Pasta Sauces

One of our staff favourite would be our large selection of Hachi Pasta Sauces. This popular pasta sauce has its legion of fans thanks to its quick and easy preparing methods. We have over 15 different types of Hachi Pasta Sauce packets, with most of them taking as little as a few minutes to heat up. Try it in a variety of ways, such as with boiled udon or in a bowl of baked rice. This flavourful pasta sauce makes a hearty meal in minutes. Some of our favourites include the Mentaiko Cream Pasta Sauce, Napolitan Pasta Sauce, and Kani and Tomato Cream Pasta Sauce. 

Hachi Pasta Sauce even comes in powdered form for a even quicker preparation. Just add it to your freshly boiled (and drained) pasta and its ready! Check out Hachi Basil Pasta Sauce and Hachi Peperoncino Pasta Sauce.

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