2020 Top 5 Products

2020 has been a memorable
year for many of us. Although it was an exciting year, we are glad that it is coming to an end. We look forward to the new year with you guys!

To conclude 2020 on a good note, we think it would be fun to show you the top 5 products at Sake Inn this year. These are the most in-demand products among the different categories we have on our website.

1. iichiko Mugi Shochu いいちこ 麦焼酎

Sake Inn Blog | Iiichiko Mugi Shochu | iichiko silhouette

iichiko Mugi Shochu is Japan's #1 shochu brand, and it's no surprise that it is one of our top 5 products of 2020. With its outstanding aroma and excellent body, this is a genuine shochu made with carefully selected barley and spring water.

This shochu pairs well with a wide range of cuisines and traditionally enjoyed with clean Japanese food. Enjoy it straight or on the rocks for a strong yet mellow taste. You can also serve it with water or in ice for a more refreshing experience. Being versatile, iichiko Mugi Shochu is also ideal as a chu-hi or a cocktail. Learn more about the different ways to drink shochu here.

Awarded Gold in L.A. International Spirits Competition and Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Get iichiko Mugi Shochu here ($45, 720ml or $16, 200ml).

2. Futaba Shiro Tsuyu 白つゆ

Sake Inn Blog | Futaba Shiro Tsuyu

This light-coloured seasoning is made with white soy sauce with a blend of fish dashi that includes bonito, mackerel and sardine. The trio dashi blend is what makes this tsuyu a great addition to any dish. Its savoriness will enhance any natural flavour, and its clear colour will not add undesired colour to your delicate dishes. Therefore, making an ideal option for egg-based dishes like chawanmushi (steamed egg) and tamagoyaki (fried rolled egg).

Get Futaba Shiro Tsuyu here ($13, 500ml).

3. Ozeki Yuzu Umeshu 大関柚子梅酒

Sake Inn Blog | Ozeki Yuzu Umeshu | Plum Liqueur

Our most popular umeshu would be Ozeki Yuzu Umeshu. Produced entirely with fruits from the Kishu region, its refreshing, citrus flavour and mellow sweetness of Kishunko plums go well together. This umeshu is a crowd-favourite thanks to its explosive burst of flavours. It is also rich in vitamin C too, making it both delicious and healthy. Best served chilled for maximum enjoyment. Read more about umeshu in our blog and try an easy recipe to make Umeshu Yuzu Fizz.

Get this refreshing umeshu here ($32, 500ml).

4. Akita Prefecture Yume Obako Rice 秋田県産ゆめおばこ1等白米

Sake Inn Blog | Japanese Rice | Yume Obako Rice

Did you know that we grow and harvest our rice in the fields of Akita, Japan? The harvested rice would be imported under optimal conditions, thus preserving the freshness in each grain. We sell three different grades of Japanese rice, and our Akita Prefecture Yume Obako Rice is currently our best seller. Once they arrive at our warehouse, they are only milled upon orders. To ensure the highest quality for our customers. Follow our cooking instructions on the back of the bag to cook your very own fluffy Japanese rice.

Get your Japanese rice fix here ($15.50, 2KG).

5. Prefecture Bundle

Sake Inn Blog | Prefecture Bundle

Our bundles are always popular, and we are constantly creating new bundles for our customers to enjoy. These bundles are specially hand-picked by our sommelier to ensure a good variety, value and taste. In our Prefecture Bundle, we hope to introduce customers to a wider range of sakes from different prefectures. Sample five different sakes labels from breweries in Fukushima, Kyoto, Niigata, Hyogo and Ehime. All in convenient 300ml bottles, the perfect size for a personal sake taste test. Note that the sake in our Prefecture Bundle may change according to seasons and availability.

Labels available in the Prefecture Bundle:

  • Ninki-Ichi Ao-Ninki Ginjyo Sake is a sake with a slight acidity and a sharp palate (Fukushima)
  • Tamano Hikari Reizo Shu Junmai Ginjyo Sake has a mellow touch with a smooth, full-bodied aftertaste (Kyoto).
  • Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake is a light and comfortably dry premium sake, with aromas of fresh cantaloupe and bananas (Niigata).
  • Kiku-Masamune Kimoto Junmai Daiginjyo Sake is the masterpiece of Kiku-Masamune brewery. Brewed only in the winter months under careful supervision (Hyogo).
  • Yamatan-Masamune Shima-Nami Honjyozo is a soft and refreshing sake Honjyozo (Ehime).

Drink the seasons and travel across Japan with our Prefecture Bundle here ($99 U.P. $131)

Choosing favorites is never easy, but here are your top 5 products of 2020. As the year is coming to a close, from everyone at Sake Inn, we hope with the new year come new beginnings full of happiness and surrounded by your loved ones. We hope to serve you better in 2021. Kanpai!

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