Kikusui Funaguchi Sake x Fruit Cocktails

Get ready for the festive season by learning how to make simple cocktails with Kikusui Funaguchi Sake ! Impress your guests with these simple recipes to elevate your sake drinking experience. 
Kikusui Funaguchi Sake is an un-pasteurized and un-diluted type of Sake and as such, it is surprisingly delicate. To preserve the sake to its original state, it is packaged in an aluminum can, completely blocking on light and air. In addition, Funaguchi has 19% alcohol, making it ideal for making a variety of cocktails. Here are some sake fruit cocktails that are both easy and delicious 😋
Kikusui Funaguchi Sake x Kiwi 
Kikusui Funaguchi Sake x Dried Plum

Kikusui Funaguchi Sake x Cucumber

Do share with us your creations with Kikusui Funaguchi Sake, kanpai! 🥂

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