Bundle Deals with Sake Inn

Due to the overwhelming response, Sake Inn is rolling out new bundles for you every week! Having trouble choosing? Here are some of our new and most popular bundles bringing you maximum enjoyment dring this circuit breaker, keeping you company through the phases 🙃

*Bundles are available only while stocks last, hurry and shop now.

Sake Inn Inaniwa Bundle

Do you love a good simple bowl of udon on a rainy day? Get our Inaniwa Bundle at only $30. Comes with 1 pack of Futaba Katsuo Tsuyu (1L) and 6 packets of Fresh Inaniwa Udon. 

Futaba Katsuo Tsuyu (鰹 つゆ) is the perfect concentrated stock by blending plenty of bonito flakes with honjyozo soy sauce. Authentically-brewed soy sauce along with bonito dashi gives it a wonderful umami flavour that is perfect for making udon and soba soup or dipping sauce. Just dilute the tsuyu with water.

Inaniwa udon (稲庭風うどん) originates from Akita prefecture and has a thinner appearance as compared to the thicker ones that most people are used to seeing. But it does not mean it is any less delicious. This bundle comes with 6 packets of delicious inaniwa udon that would definitely satisfy any noodle cravings at home.

Sake In Umeshu Bundle

If you love ume (plum), this Ume Bundle is just for you! Comes with a 500ml Oshukubai Umeshu Paper Pack and a box of Shin Shin Umeboshi (500g). 

Ohshukubai Umeshu Paper Pack (鶯宿梅 梅酒 紙パック) has a mild taste and sweetness, with a smooth texture. Its lower alcohol content makes it very versatile and can be consumed straight, on the rocks, warmed, or mixed with water or soda for cocktails. Perfect for any night. 

Umeboshi (新進 あじわい梅干) is mostly used as a cooking accent to enhance flavour and presentation. You can also use it to complement the shochu or umeshu you are drinking. To have the complete Japanese experience, pair your umeboshi with rice or make it into an onigiri, the ultimate everyday Japanese food. 

If you need the perfect rock glass to drink your umeshu in, we got you covered here.

Sake Inn iichiko mugi shochu cherry blossom edamame bundle

When you think of Japan, one of the things that come to your mind would be the charming cherry blossoms. If you love cherry blossoms as much as I do, you should not miss out on the seasonal special iichiko Mugu Shochu Sakura Label (いいちこシルエット), only available during the Sakura period, this beautiful bottle makes a good decorative piece too! Iichiko Mugi Shochu can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – on the rocks, or with cold or hot water – each bringing out its sophisticated flavour in a different manner. The bundle comes with 1 shochu rock glass (245ml) and a pack of edamame (500g) for you to complete your drinking experience right at home. 


If you are tired of baking bread, cookies and cakes this circuit breaker, we have something a little different. Why not try making warabi mochi from scratch? 

Warabi mochi is a chilled Traditional Japanese mochi made from bracken starch that is either dipped or covered in kinako (soybean flour) and drizzled with some kuromitsu syrup (black sugar syrup). It is a popular summertime snack that is enjoyed by both young and old. Why not make it into a fun activity for the little kids at home 😋

Check out our post here, for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own warabi mochi


Our bundles also make great gifts for your loved ones, especially if you are unable to be there with them during this period. Personalized messages are available, just leave a note during checkout. Surprise them with some curated Japanese alcohol or snacks to let them know that you are always thinking of them. Let us know which of these are your favourites!

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