Referral: Get $5

Sake Inn Referral Program
Give your friends $5 and claim your own $5
when they make a purchase!

How to get my own referral link?

1. Click the Sake Inn Referral Program tab at the bottom right of the page. 

2. Log in/register your Sake Inn account to get your own unique referral link

Sake Inn Referral Program

3.Copy the link and send to your friends, they will get $5 off their first order if they order via your link

4. You can also send your referral link directly via the rewards panel. The sharing options are Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Do I get something in return?

Yes! You get $5 for every friend you refer. Do note that the $5 would only be credited when you friend makes their first purchase and that the $5 discounts are not stack-able. 

I received a referral link, how do I use it?

1. Copy the referral link to your browser and the referral program would be prompted at the bottom right of the page

2. Fill in your email to claim your $5 immediately on your first purchase

Sake Inn Referral Program

Sake Inn referral program

3. Once you make your first purchase, your friend would receive their $5 reward for the referral too.

Can i send my referral link to more than one person?

Yes! You can send to as many friends as you want and you will get $5 for every friend who has made their first purchase via the link you sent them.

I sent my friend the referral link, why didn't I receive the $5?

Do note that your friend has to make their first purchase for your $5 to be credited.


Remember drinking is more fun with friends! Kanpai 🍻