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Consisting of 1 Japanese sake and 1 Japanese shochu. Tamano Hikari 94 sake is best paired with yakitori and skewers, while the Tamano Hikari 29 shochu is best paired with meat. This combination of sake and shochu is best suitable for our meat-loving dads.

Name:  Tamano Hikari 29 Rice Shochu
Japanese Name: 玉乃光29 米焼酎

The Tamano Hikari 29 Rice Shochu is made from rice and Japanese cedar, which makes it go well with meat dishes. The aroma from the cedar is blended well with the refreshing flavour of rice, leaving an impression behind on those who have tried it.

Available in 720ML.

Alcohol: 25%
Prefecture: Kyoto

  Tamano Hikari 94 Kushi Junmai Ginjyo Sake 
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 94 純米吟醸酒

Enjoy the full body and deep umami flavour of this Tamano Hikari 94 Kushi Junmai Ginjyo. Specially brewed to be enjoyed with grilled meats like yakitori chicken, pork and beef. 

Available in 720ML.

SMV: +2

Alcohol: 16-17%
Prefecture: Kyoto