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Appreciation Bundle

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Ozeki Karatamba Namachozo Sake 
Japanese Name: 大関 辛丹波 生貯蔵

Ozeki Karatamba Namachozo sake has a signature taste that is both fresh and sharp. Enjoy it chilled or on the rock. 

Available in 720ML.

Dryness: +7
Alc: 15-16%
Pref: Hyogo


Ginrei Gassasn Setchu Jyukusei Junmai Ginjyo Sake
Japanese Name: 
銀嶺月山 雪中熟成 純米吟醸

If you miss being in the throes of winter, then a glass of the award-winning Ginrei Gassan Junmai Ginjyo Setchu Jyukusei is all you need to recreate that feeling. Each sip of this pure, light sake and each whiff of its calming aroma brings forth an image of fresh snow.

Available in 300ML.

Dryness: +2
Alc: 16.0%
Pref: Yamagata 山形