Asabiraki Junmai Ginjyo Sake

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Asabiraki Junmai Ginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name: あさ開 純米吟醸「南部流寒造り」

Asabikari Junmai Ginjyo Sake is made from pure water and rich soil in Iwate prefecture, and by a traditional method of a Nanbu-Toji (Brewer in Iwate). This sake is only made during the cold season as it is the most suitable season for making alcohol. It is brewed slowly at temperatures using special ginju yeast. This sake has a gentle, but significant aroma and there is a mild rice umami flavour in after-taste. Bright pineapple aroma with a delicate body that is light and direct. 

Available in 1.8LTR

2018 International Wine Challenge: Silver

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