Autumn Wishes Bundle

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Our twist on the traditional mid-autumn festival, the Ginrei Gassan Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake is paired with the Kuriyama Star Tabeyo Cracker Snack. They not only represent the moon and the stars, but also complement each other's flavour. 


Name: Ginrei Gassan Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 銀嶺月山 ささら月 純米酒

The Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake comes from the Yamagata prefecture, a region with abundant mineral water and high-quality rice. The sake has a sweet aroma and moderate roundness and is best served chilled to complement light dishes.

SMV: -20
Alcohol: 11%
Prefecture: Yamagata


Kuriyama Star Tabeyo Cracker Snack
Japanese Name: 

The Kuriyama Star Tabeyo Snack is seasoned with natural seafood and vegetable umami, resulting in a light, refreshing taste. The snacks are individually-packed to retain its flavours and crispy textures.

Available in 76g (11's)