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Savour the best of both worlds in this cute little pig (buta) packaging. The refreshing taste of sparkling sake and yuzu liqueur would definitely excite you.


Name: Kan Nihon Kai Awa Buta Sparkling Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 
 環日本海 発泡性清酒 泡ブタ

A refreshing premium sparkling sake with deep foams that provides a good balance of sharpness, created for easy drinking. Enjoy textured bursting sparkling sake after every mouth of sipping.

Alcohol: 10%
Prefecture: Shimane


Name: Kan Nihon Kai Yuzu Buta Liqueur (300ml)
Japanese Name: 
 環日本海 柚ブタ

No sugar added, Refreshing sweet and sour yuzu liqueur from Shimane prefecture. Without adding any sugar, while making the best use of the gentle sweetness of sake itself and with a refreshing aroma of yuzu.

Alcohol: 11%
Prefecture: Shimane

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