Cocktail Bundle

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Become your own bartender this stay-home period with our Cocktail Bundle. For a quick, refreshing and boozy pick-me-up, fill a glass full of ice and pour iichiko Mugi Shochu and Yaesu Lemon & Grapefruit Sour in the ratio 1:3. Top with Kaneku Kizami Nama Yuzu for that final touch!

iichiko Mugi Shochu Paper Pack 20% (900ML) x1
Japanese Name: いいちこパック

The iichiko Shochu Paper Pack 20% is produced from carefully selected barley, barley koji and natural pure water – and is one of Japan’s best-selling distilled spirits. Recommended to pair with salad, cheese, foie gras and meat.

Name: Yaesu Lemon & Grapefruit Sour (300ML) x1
Japanese Name: カクテス レモン&グレープフルーツサワー

Yaesu Grapefruit Sour carbonated lemon juice for making Chu-Hi. You can easily make Chu-Hi with this product, by mixing Yaesu Grapefruit Sour with some shochu or you can simply enjoy this refreshing taste as it is.

Kaneku Kizami Nama Yuzu (100g) x1
Japanese Name: カネク 刻み生ゆず

This product is made from only domestic Yuzu skin, chopped and frozen. Kaneku’s Yuzu products boasting a long history are 100% pure domestic Yuzu. It is a product that is free from additives, cleansed the skin, inner skin, etc., processed, and frozen separately.