Coffee Sho-chu~ Bundle

Coffee Sho-chu~ Bundle
Coffee Sho-chu~ Bundle
Coffee Sho-chu~ Bundle

Coffee Sho-chu~ Bundle

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The Birth of Coffee Sho-chu~

Through countless trial and error with different alcohols and different flavours of coffee, at different amounts and different temperatures, our team at Sake Inn and Hook Coffee has successfully created a unique new taste profile!

At the right amounts, the "spicy" taste of shochu perfectly complemented the bitterness of coffee to create a mellow and pleasant new blend. Seeing this blend as like a marriage between the 2 different beverages, we felt that “chu” (meaning kiss in Japanese) can represent a cute kiss between coffee and shochu. That was how Coffee Sho-chu~ was created.

What's Inside?

iichiko Mugi Shochu 200ml x1

iichiko Mugi Shochu has an outstanding aroma combined with an excellent body. It is made from 100% barley that is polished down till 60% of the grain remains, giving it an outstanding fragrance.

Alcohol %: 25% 

Prefecture: Oita 大分

Specu-lose Your Mind Drip Coffee Bags x10

In collaboration with Hook Coffee. The Specu-lose Your Mind Coffee is a
 result of 3 unique coffees; part Brazil, part India, and part Ethiopia. They are roasted to a Medium-Dark roast that's suitable for Espresso brews, or for that bold filter brew.

3 Types of Blends

The beauty of the Coffee Sho-chu~ blend is that it can be enjoyed in many different ways: hot, cold, or even a classy latte style. Preparation time is also limited to a quick 5 minutes and materials required can be found in the comfort of your own home. Full detailed recipes can be found here!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Coffee Sho-chu~ bundle now to enjoy that daily coffee fix with a twist!


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