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Name: Kiku-Masamune Super Cup Honjyozo Sake

Japanese Name: 菊正宗 スーパーカップ カップ 本醸造

The Kiku Masamune Super Cup Honjyozo Sake is served in a cup, and can be easily enjoyed anywhere. It has a signature smooth and dry taste, and goes well with almost any Japanese dish. The versatile, compact sake can be enjoyed at room temperature, warmed or chilled, bringing about different aromas and flavours up to your preference.

Available in 180ML. 

Prefecture: Hyogo
SMV: +3
Alcohol %: 15%


Name: Ozeki One Cup Extra Sake

Japanese Name: 大関 ワンカップ エキストラ 清酒

The Ozeki One Cup Extra Sake has been Japan’s most popular ‘cup sake’ for the last 40 years, and since its launch, has changed the way people drank sake. This product could be enjoyed anywhere and any time – with a well-balanced flavour and clean aftertaste.

Available in 200ML.

Prefecture: Hyogo
SMV: +1
Alcohol %: 14%

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