Curry Udon Bundle

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Curry Udon Bundle

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Tamano Hikari Shuho Junmai Daiginjyo Sake x1
Japanese Name: 出羽桜 出羽桜 純米吟醸

A premium-quality junmai daiginjo sake, made using bizen-omachi, a rare variety of rice regarded as the best for making sake. It pairs well with sushi and tempura, as well as fish-based French and Italian dishes.

Available in 720 ML

SMV: +3
Alc: 15%
Prefecture: Kyoto 

Miyatake Nama Udon (Fresh boiled noodles ) x4

Japanese Name: さぬきうどん

Freshly made Udon noodles that could used to create various scrumptious meals! 

Available in 200g/packet.

Pref: Kagawa 香川県

S & B Curry Sauce with Vegetables (Hot) x2
Japanese Name:
カレー ソース レトルト (辛口)

Convenient sauce for you to make your own curry sauce at home! Pair it with udon, to make your own curry udon. Just heat up the curry sauce, and you are ready to eat. Also check out our blog to learn how to cook your Curry Udon!