Daishinshu Te-Ippai Junmai Daiginjyo

Daishinshu Te-Ippai Junmai Daiginjyo

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Japanese Name: 大信州 手いっぱい 純米大吟醸

Daishinshu Sake Brewery is located in a place surrounded by the Northern Alps, 80 km away from Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. The water used to brew this sake is the melted snow from the Northern Alps, which has been exuded over many years and is characterized by a soft mouthfeel and a delicate texture. “Te-Ippai” means that the brown rice that has arrived is further selected and brewed from the pure rice. A large effort is used to work on the rich taste and gorgeous aroma that is well harmonized for this premium sake.

2021 International Wine Challenger: Silver
2020 International Wine Challenger: Silver
2019 International Wine Challenger: Bronze

Available in 720ML

SMV: +2
Alcohol: 16%
Prefecture: Nagano