Dine-In Bundle

Dine-In Bundle

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Ozeki Karatamba Namachozo Sake
Japanese Name: 大関 辛丹波 生貯蔵

 Signature  is freshness and sharpness. Dry but gentle after taste, then you feel sharp aftertaste. Enjoy with cold but also on the rock.

Available in 300ML.

Dryness: +7
Alc: 15-16%
Pref: Hyogo

Hachi Porcini To Kanjyuku Tomato No Meat Sauce

Japanese Name: ポルチーニと完熟トマトのミートソース

Made in Nagano, made from freshly harvested Tomatoes mixed with various spices to produce this excellent sauce for your enjoyment!

Hachi Black Truffle To Ripened Tomato No Squid<Ika>Ink Cream Sauce
Japanese Name: 

Made in Nagano, good balance of black truffle and squid ink mixed with a cream sauce. 

Japanese Name: 
Name: Miyatake Nama Udon (Fresh boiled noodles)

Freshly made Udon noodles that could used to create various scrumptious meals! 

Available in 200g/packet.
Pref: Kagawa 香川県