Double Jingle Bundle

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Get the best of both worlds with our Double Jingle Bundle. Enjoy Japanese Hascup and Muscat grape wine from Hokkaido and Niigata. The perfect duo set to bring to a Christmas party.


Name: L’escargot Niigata Muscat Bailey Premium Wine (750ml)

From the boutique vineyard of L’escargot in Niigata, Japan, Yahiko 2015 is a local blend to maximize the original rustic taste of crops.  

Alcohol: 12%
Prefecture: Niigata



Name: Hakodate Hokkaido Tomakomai Azuma Hascup (Grape) Wine (500ml) 
Japanese Name: とまこまいあつまハスカップ 

The Hakodate Hokkaido Tomakomai Azuma Hascup Wine is a fruit wine made from the plentiful hascups (grapes) from the Tomakomai region in Hokkaido. It has acidity, bitterness, and fresh sweetness, resulting in a drink that is enjoyable with a variety of dishes.

Alcohol: 6%
Prefecture: Hokkaido