Dream Bundle

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Enjoy refreshing fruits liqueur from our Dream Bundle from different breweries. A refreshing bundle curated for sharing or serve as a great gift for a friend. One of our best selling Sake Inn Bundles.


Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach Sparkling Liqueur (250ml) x1
Japanese Name: 大関  花泡香 ピーチ 

The Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach is named the ‘Sparkling Empress’ due to its refreshing, light and bubbly taste. It has a sweet and peachy flavour, which makes it excellent as an aperitif and dessert sake. It pairs very well with light meals and is best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 7%

Tamano Hikari Plum Umeshu (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 京の柚子酒

The Tamano Hikari Umeshu is produced by Kyoto’s Tamano Hikari Sake Brewery. Its sweet taste conjures a rich bouquet and a robust flavour. The beverage is best enjoyed chilled and paired with light dishes.

Alcohol: 12%
Prefecture: Kyoto

Name: Tamano Hikari Yuzu Liqueur (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 京の柚子酒

The Tamano Hikari Yuzushu is Tamano Hikari Sake Brewery’s first-ever yuzu liqueur to be produced. Its low alcohol content boasts an alluring sweetness and a gentle bite that will excite your taste buds. Best served chilled.

Alcohol: 10%
Prefecture: Kyoto

Name:  Sekihara Toji No Chosen Kyoho (Grape) Liqueur (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 杜氏の挑戦 巨峰

This Japanese sake base cocktail used carefully curated fruits, Kyoho Grape which is known as the king of grapes. Best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

Alcohol: 8-9%
Prefecture: Niigata 新潟