Dream Bundle

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Enjoy refreshing fruits liqueur from our Dream Bundle from different breweries. A refreshing bundle curated for sharing or serve as a great gift for a friend. One of our best selling Sake Inn Bundles.

Name: Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach Sparkling Liqueur (250ml)
Japanese Name: 大関  花泡香 ピーチ 

The Ozeki Hana Awa Ka Peach is named the ‘Sparkling Empress’ due to its refreshing, light and bubbly taste. It has a sweet and peachy flavour, which makes it excellent as an aperitif and dessert sake. It pairs very well with light meals and is best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 7%

Name: Tamano Hikari Yuzus Liqueuer (300ml)
Japanese Name: 玉乃光 京の柚子酒

The Tamano Hikari Yuzushu is Tamano Hikari Sake Brewery’s first-ever yuzu liqueur to be produced. Its low alcohol content boasts an alluring sweetness and a gentle bite that will excite your taste buds. Best served chilled.

Alcohol: 10%

Name:  iichiko Bar Ume Liqueur (375ml)
Japanese Name: いいちこBAR 梅 リキュール

The iichiko Bar Ume Liqueur is an award-winning drink made from a blend of ume and honey. Its soothing sweet taste is achieved from the natural ingredients used in the preparation process, making it a perfect mix for cocktails, or to be consumed straight up or on the rocks.

Alcohol: 8&
Prefecture: Oita

Name:  Momokawa Snow Apple Liqueur (275ml)
Japanese Name: 桃川 雪りんご

Moderate sweetness and a nutritious mineral component of Moromi, this apple liqueur is refreshing and light with balanced acidity and sweetness. Aomori prefecture is known for its apples and Yuki Ringo uses specially harvested apples to create the perfect liqueur.

Alcohol: 7.5%
Prefecture: Aomori