Hanami Bundle

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Have a hanami party at the comfort of your home, with our limited edition Hanami Bundle! Enjoy the refreshing aromatic sakes as you pair them with some of your favourite Japanese traditional sweets. 

Name: Yoshinogawa Haru Fuwari Honjyozo Sake (720ml)
Japanese Name:
 春季限定酒 「春ふわり」本醸造酒

Seasonal Spring sake named 'Haru Fuwari' is brewed using freshly harvested Niigata rice. This sake produces unintentionally faint sweetness and sharpness that melts quickly, complements well with sushi onigiri, cold somen, Sato Imo (Simmered Taro) and mochi desserts.

In celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of life, this sake is bottled in a shiny pink bottle, decorated with a special sakura label. Ideal for pairings or light drinking with friends.

SMV: -10
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Niigata


Name: Ozeki Nama Chozo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 
大関  生貯蔵酒

Ozeki Nama Chozo Sake is pasteurized only before bottling to bring you a refreshing flavour and tanginess only in a chilled sake. The chilling brings out the refreshing aftertaste, mellow aroma and moderate sweetness. Enjoy this refreshing sake all year long. Pairs well with whitefish sashimi, steamed fish or carpaccio.

Available in 300ml

SMV: -0.5
Alcohol: 13%
Prefecture: Hyogo