Hanami Grab Box

Hanami Grab Box

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Enjoy the spring season with your loved ones with our Hanami Grab Box! Chitosetsuru Junmai Ginjyo Harushibori Sake and Hakkaisan Shiboritate Genshu Echigo De Soro Sake are specially brewed to celebrate the arrival of spring. Just like the fleeting nature of cherry blossoms, these grab boxes don't wait! We only have limited quantities available, so don't miss this chance!


Name: Hakkaisan Shiboritate Genshu Echigo De Soro Sake (720ml) x1
Japanese Name: 
八海山 しぼりたて原酒 越後で候 純米大吟醸生原酒

Hakkaisan Shiboritate Genshu “Echigo De Soro” Red Label has a sophisticated aroma and deep flavour, coupled with a clean and refreshing finish. Best enjoyed chilled. ONLY AVAILABLE ONCE A YEAR.

SMV: +0
Alcohol: 17.5%
Prefecture: Niigata


Name: Chitosetsuru Junmai Ginjyo Harushibori Sake (720ml) x1
Japanese Name: 千歳鶴 純米吟醸 春しぼり

Chitosetsuru fresh junmai ginjo sake has a fresh taste that reminds you of Japanese made citrus and the soft spring sunlight. Best served chilled. This sake goes well with marinated shellfish or lightly fried dishes like Tempura.

SMV: -2

Alcohol: 15.5%
Prefecture: Hokkaido