Hand Roll Sushi Box

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Missing sushi? Make your very own this stay home period with our special hand roll sushi box! Create up to 100 handroll makis with this box. (Hint: cut our full-sized Nico Nico Yaki Nori into half for the perfect handroll size!)

(From left to right)

Akita Prefecture Yume Obako Rice x1 (2KG)
Japanese Name: 秋田県産ゆめおばこ1等白米

We harvest and grow our own rice from the fields in Akita, Japan. They are then imported while kept under optimum conditions, preserving the freshness in each grain. These individual grains are then milled only upon orders, ensuring the highest of quality for our customers.

Name: Mitsukan Sushi Su (Sushi Vinegar) x1 (360ml)
Japanese Name: すし 酢

All you need to season sushi rice. Make sushi rice a breeze with Mizkan’s ever-popular sushi vinegar, or sushi seasoning. The seasoning in this glass bottle is a combination of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Simply stir into freshly boiled Japanese rice to get perfectly seasoned sushi rice. 

Kewpie Mayonnaise Japan Label x1 (450g)
Japanese Name: マヨネーズ

The most popular mayonnaise brand in Japan. It has a rich and deep flavour of plenty of egg yolk. 100% made in Japan.

Nico Nico Yaki Nori (Full Size 50pc) x1
Japanese Name: 焼のり<全形>

Nico Nico Nori Yaki Nori (Full Size) is perfect for making sushi or onigiri. It is made of firm-textured seaweed from the Setouchi ocean.

Kibun Kani Stick (Crab Stick) x1 (500g)
Japanese Name: かに スティック

Kani stick, perfect for any soup, oden or stir fry.