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The perfect bundle for a little drink at the comfort of your own home. This bundle comes with 720ml of our ever-popular iichiko Mugi Shochu, a shot glass, and a packet of Maruchan's Frozen Edamame. Nothing better than some edamame and a drink or two.

Name: iichiko Mugi Shochu 
(720ml) x1
Japanese Name: いいちこ  麦焼酎

The Iichiko Mugi (Barley) Shochu has an outstanding aroma combined with an excellent body. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – on the rocks, or with cold or hot water – each bringing out its sophisticated flavour in a different manner.

Alcohol: 25%
Prefecture: Oita

Name: Maruchan Frozen Edamame x1
Japanese Name: 枝豆(エダマメ)

Slightly salted frozen edamame, perfect for snacking.  Available in 500g.

Name: Shochu Rock Glass x1

Premium and high-quality glassware for all types of bars, restaurants, hotels, and home use with exceptional clarity, focusing on creative design, durability, practical and effortlessly stylish.

Available in 245ml.