iichiko Sakura Bundle

iichiko Sakura Bundle
iichiko Sakura Bundle

iichiko Sakura Bundle

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The arrival of spring signifies the blooming of cherry blossoms which symbolizes renewal and new beginnings. Enjoy spring with our special iichiko Hana Bundle which includes the best-selling iichiko Mugi Shochu in a limited edition sakura label, a iichiko sakura tag, and a iichiko sakura glass.  

Name: iichiko Mugi Shochu Hana Label (720ml)
Japanese Name: いいちこシルエット

The iichiko Mugi Shochu has an outstanding aroma combined with an excellent body, this special limited packaging is only produced during the sakura season, perfect for the sakura season! iichiko Mugi Shochu can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – on the rocks, or with cold or hot water – each bringing out its sophisticated flavour in a different manner. 

Alcohol: 25%
Prefecture: Oita

Name: iichiko Sakura Glass x1

Beautiful limited edition iichiko Sakura Glass for you to make the perfect cup of shochu, be it on the rocks or with cold/hot water. The sakura motifs on the glass changes color depending on the temperature. It is pure white when hot, but turns bright pink when filled with chilled shochu! 

Do note that the sakura glass may differ slightly in design but they would still carry the sakura motifs in all.

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