Ikigai Bundle

Ikigai Bundle

Ikigai Bundle

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Say kanpai to the end of 2021 with Ikigai Bundle — Hyaku Moku Alt. 3 Sake and a deluxe Hyaku Moku Glass and savour the ultimate blend sakes made with special A-grade Yamada Nishiki rice. Now at a special price of $100.


Hyaku Moku Alt.3 Sake (720ml)
Japanese Name: 百黙 Alt.3 (オルトスリー)

Alt.3 is a blend of undiluted sakes brewed from Yamada Nishiki rice, from Hyogo “special A” Grand Cru terroir, the third offering from a brewery representing the finest in sake for some 350 years. Bright and present, it blossoms with sweetness, bitterness, freshness, and roundness forming a harmonious body. Its rich complex taste might be a perfect match to the savoury flavours of white fish butter meuniere, or other light yet flavorful fresh ingredients.

SMV: -

Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Hyogo 兵庫

Deluxe Hyaku Moku Glass

A premium sake glass to serve chilled sake, this sake is a dainty addition for any drinking session. Whether you fancy a garden party or an indoor soiree, this clear glass sake cups set will serve well with its simple yet appealing aesthetics and its functionality.

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