Itacho White Miso
Itacho White Miso
Itacho White Miso


Itacho White Miso

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Japanese Name: 板長好み白みそ

Easy to use pouch type white miso. Versatile for all kinds of miso dishes. Recommended for dressings and sauces. A lighter taste of miso that is suitable for grilled salmon.

Available in 1kg.

Prefecture: Yamanashi


Cook Miso Soup in 2 Simple Steps

1. Take 2 spoons of Itacho White Miso and mix with boiling water

2. Place a few pieces of Wakame Seaweed and tofu for an enhanced flavour.


Salmon Miso in 2 Simple Steps

1. Spread a generous amount of Itacho White Miso on to the Salmon and season it for 2-3 hours.

2. Pan-fry the salmon with oil or butter and it is ready to be served

*Served it on top of freshly polished Japanese Akita Rice to create your own Salmon Miso Don. 

*Topped it with Chilli Powder if you would like to have a hint of spice on your Salmon