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Thoughtfully curated by our Sake Sommelier, this mackerel and sake bundle pairs a unique gastronomic experience. The dry Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake best complements the Mackerel with Shoyu, while the Ozeki Karatamba Nama Chozo Sake matches well to the Steamed Mackerel. 

Both mackerels are ready-to-eat but for the best enjoyment, we recommend adding a touch of lime or some seaweed!


Name: Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 天の戸 醇辛 純米酒

The Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake is well-balanced, with a dry, earthy taste. It has a brilliant aroma and delightful acidity, with an easy-to-drink texture with a floral nose. It is best served warm or at room temperature and complements well with any cuisine.

SMV: +9
Alcohol: 16–17%
Prefecture: Akita

Name: Ozeki Karatamba Nama Chozo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 大関 辛丹波 生貯蔵

Ozeki Karatamba Namachozo sake has a signature taste that is both fresh and sharp. It is unpasteurized and refreshing on the tongue when savoured. Enjoy it chilled or on the rocks with this slightly dry sake, perfect for any occasion.

SMV: +7
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Hyogo

Name: Ito Food Saba Shoyu Ni (Mackerel with Shoyu) 190g
Japanese Name:  伊藤食品 鯖醤油煮

Ito Food Saba Shoyu Ni uses domestic mackerel with abundant fat boiled with soya sauce and beet sugar. It has a gentle umami flavour as if it is boiled at home. No chemical seasoning used.

Name: Ito Food Saba Mizuni (Steamed Mackerel Without Salt) 190g
Japanese Name: 伊藤食品 鯖水煮

Ito Food Saba Mizuni uses domestic mackerel with abundant fat boiled without using salt. Because it uses high-quality mackerel, you can enjoy the taste of mackerel without using seasoning. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Especially suitable for people who are concerned about salt and your health. No chemical seasoning used.

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