Jizake Bundle

Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle
Jizake Bundle

Jizake Bundle

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Have a try at our new Prefecture Bundle "Jizake Bundle". Jizake refers to a regional or local sake from a smaller brewery that is not mass-produced. The bundle includes 6 different sakes from 6 different prefectures in Kochi, Niigata, Hokkaido, Akita, Yamagata and Shizuoka, and is specially curated by our Sommelier.


Name: Kure Muroka Ginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 久礼 無濾過 吟醸酒

The Kure Muroka Ginjyo Sake is brewed with locally grown rice, resulting in a slightly dry taste with a crisp, mineral-rich flavour, followed by a clean finish. This sake has not yet been 'charcoal filtered' by the brewery and hence is lightly delicate and complex, and is best enjoyed cold. Recommended pairing with light flavour food profiles like tonkatsu based ramen or shabu-shabu hot pot.

SMV: +10
Alcohol: 17%
Prefecture: Kochi 高知

Name:  Echigo No Karakuchi Junmai Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 越後 の辛口 純米酒

Brewed from a boutique sake brewery located in a small town at Niigata. The Echigo No Karakuchi Junmai Sake is a very hearty sake, with a unique nose containing blends of steamed rice, cocoa, and musky aromas. This boutique's sake is best enjoyed either chilled, at room temperature, or warm. Best paired with lighter food profiles like tempura, steamed fish, tofu, and onigiri.

SMV: +5
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Niigata 新潟

Name: Garyubai Muroka Genshu Junmai Ginjyo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 臥龍梅 無濾過  純米吟醸 生貯原酒

The Garyubai Muroka Genshu Junmai Ginjyo Sake is well-balanced with a light nose. It has a smooth and sharp acidity, which entices the palate upon savouring, and leaves a lingering aftertaste after it clears the throat. Pairs well with miso flavour, mushrooms and even pizza for a fusion pairing.

SMV: +3
Alcohol: 17%
Prefecture: Shizuoka 静岡


Name: Chitosetsuru Namara Chokara Honjyozo Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 千歳鶴 本醸造 なまら超辛

Chitosetsuru Namara Chokara Honjyozo Sake is the driest sake among Chitosetsuru labels. As its name suggests, it is an extremely dry sake, but it also has a refreshing sharpness, so that it can be paired with a variety of cuisines like fries or fried chicken for the extra 'kick' and addictive drinking.

SMV: +15
Alcohol: 15.5%
Prefecture: Hokkaido 北海道

Name:  Ginrei Gassan Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 銀嶺月山 ささら月 純米酒

The Sasara Tsuki Junmai Sake comes from the Yamagata prefecture, a region with abundant mineral water and high-quality rice. The sake has a sweet aroma and moderate roundness and is best served chilled to complement light dishes.

SMV: -20
Alcohol: 11%
Prefecture: Yamagata 山形

Name: Shirakami Sanchi No Shiki Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (300ml)
Japanese Name: 
白神山地 の四季 特別純米

The Shirakami Sanchi No Shiki Tokubetsu Junmai Sake is brewed using only natural Shirakami Sanchi spring water by skilful masters, and fermented at low temperatures – resulting in a clear, refreshing taste. It carries a sweet aroma with notes of rice and alcohol. 

SMV: +1
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Akita 秋田

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