Kani Udon Bundle

Kani Udon Bundle

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Morita Kani Zeitaku Tsuyu x1
Japanese Name: 蟹贅沢つゆ

A luxurious all-purpose soup stock that combines the rich flavour of domestic red snow crab with the elegant flavour of kelp stock. Using red snow crab extract and crab powder, you can taste the elegant yet rich taste in the soup. Great in fried rice, tamagoyaki, hotpot and pasta too. 

Available in 200ml.

Name: Maruei Menchi-jin Udon x1
Japanese Name: 麺知人うどん

Maruei Menchi-jin Udon is made from locally harvested high-quality Koshi-Hikari rice flour with a traditional technique of craftsmen. It has a rich flavour of flour, which goes well with udon soup.

Available in 300g.