Kiku-Masamune Kahogura Miyabi Tokubestu Junmai Sake

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Japanese Name: 嘉宝蔵 雅 特別純米酒

Kahogura Miyabi Tokubetsu Junmai Sake is brewed using the king of Sake Rice, Toku "A" Yamada-Nishiki Rice from Hyogo Prefecture. It is is also made using the ancient sake making method : Kimoto Style, which originated in Hyogo. On the nose, you will get aromas of Raisins, Guava, and Chestnuts, with flavours of Melon, Steamed Rice, finished with a savoury umami reminiscent of Miso. Best enjoyed chilled. (GI NADAGOGO CERTIFIED PRODUCT)

Available in 720ML and 1.8LTR