Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name:  越乃寒梅 灑 純米吟醸酒

The Koshi No Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjyo Sake is the result of the brewery’s successful quest to achieve the perfect Junmai Ginjo. With its brewing aesthetic inspired by the dignity and grace of a plum tree, this elegant drink embodies an unassuming fullness, a soft aroma, smooth finish, and a crisp aftertaste.

This sake can be enjoyed hot or cold, with a meal or on its own. Sai is made from Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice with a polishing ratio of 55%. The refined, crisp taste of this ginjo sake, another heir to the Koshi no Kanbai heritage, comes from the Ishimoto Sake Brewery’s mastery of using special sake-brewing rice and low-temperature aging techniques.

To make Sai as palatable as possible for first-time sake drinkers, we used a junmai blend that accentuates the umami of the rice but made sure that the brew would still deliver a light, understated taste. Although delicious at any temperature, we recommend drinking it at around 10°C. Recommended to pair with fish cuisines.

Available in 720 ML

Prefecture: Niigata

SMV: -2

Alcohol %: 15-16%