Kuro Isanishiki Imo Shochu

Kuro Isanishiki Imo Shochu

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Japanese Name: 大口 黒 伊佐錦 芋焼酎

Using the Black koji to ferment this excellent Imo shochu by traditional method. Kuro Isanishki has the unmistakable earthy nose of an imo shochu. This yields to a buttery soft mouthfeel. Surprisingly supple given what’s in store otherwise. An extremely light sweetness yields to a very dry, tight finish. The dryness would overwhelm except the soft mouth provides enough mellowness to create an interesting contrast. Recommended pairing with sushi, okonomiyaki, Hokkaido white curry rice and sashimi donburi.

Available in 1.8LTR

Alcohol: 25%
Prefecture: Kagoshima