Mama's Bundle


Mama's Bundle

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Show your love and appreciation to your Mom this Mother's Day! The sakes in our special Mama's Bundle is carefully selected to give your Mom the best surprise ever!


Name: Echigo Koshino Happo Daiginjyo Sake (300ml) x1
Japanese Name: 越乃八豊 大吟醸酒

Soft and savoury daiginjyo sake from Niigata family-owned brewery. Koshi no Happo has a classic taste of Niigata style 'dry yet rich'. This sake has a dry yet rich after taste when savouring. Its intense deep aroma lifts up the appetite when paired with food. One of our sommelier recommendations for sake lovers who are into food pairing.

Alcohol: 16-17%
Prefecture: Niigata

Name: Naraman Junmai Sake (300ml) x1

Japanese Name: 奈良万 純米酒

Naraman Junmai Sake is both grainy and herbal on the nose and has flavours reminiscent of an earthy awamori (shochu made from long-grain rice). With an unexpected sharp finish, this sake is best paired chilled with rich, oily foods like steak or Japanese curry.

2018 U.S. National Sake Appraisal: Gold award

Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Fukushima

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