Marukin Sanuki Zaru Cold Udon Sauce

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Japanese Name: マルキン 讃岐 ざる うどん つゆ (ストレート)

Please enjoy the authentic taste of Sanuki. Combined soy sauce from Shodo-shima Island, bonito flakes, urume flakes, and the sardines from Setouchi ocean to create a rich flavor. Non-genetically modified defatted soybeans and soybeans are used as the raw material for soy sauce.

Available in 340ml. Suitable for Inaniwa UdonUma UdonOtohime UdonMaruei Udon


ColdUdon in 3 Simple Steps

1. Mix Zaru Cold Udon Sauce with warm water to serve as a dipping sauce
2. Boil Udon in hot boiling water and filter it with cold water after it is done cooking.
3. Place Udon on a cold udon tray with a few ice cubes and is ready to dip in the dipping sauce.

* Add a dash of sesame oil or premium bonito flakes into the dipping sauce for an enhanced Japanese flavour.