Sanuki Zaru Cold Udon Sauce
Sanuki Zaru Cold Udon Sauce
Sanuki Zaru Cold Udon Sauce


Sanuki Zaru Cold Udon Sauce

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Japanese Name: マルキン 讃岐 ざる うどん つゆ (ストレート)

Please enjoy the authentic taste of Sanuki. Combined soy sauce from Shodo-shima Island, bonito flakes,  urume flakes, and the sardines from Setouchi ocean to create a rich flavor. Non-genetically modified defatted soybeans and soybeans are used as the raw material for soy sauce.

Available in 340ml.

Suitable for Inaniwa UdonUma UdonOtohime UdonMaruei Udon


How to cook Cold Dipping Udon in 3 Simple Steps

1. Mix Zaru Cold Udon Sauce with warm water to serve as a dipping sauce

2. Boil Udon in hot boilling water and filter it with cold water.

3. Place Udon in a try of ice cubes and is ready to dip in the dipping sauce.

* Add a small spoon of sesame oil or premium bonito flakes to the dipping sauce for a enhance japanese flavor.