Marukin Yuzu Shoga Moromi Vinegar

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Marukin Yuzu Shoga Moromi Vinegar

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Japanese Name: マルキン忠勇 柚子しょうがもろみ酢

Ginger is added to moromi vinegar which is rich in citric acid and amino acids. Great for drinking by diluting it with water. Made by fermenting Awamori sake from the Okinawa prefecture, Marukin Yuzu Ginger Moromi Vinegar is a naturally fermented citric acid beverage rich in amino acids and great for warming up your body.

Best served hot, this vinegar drink delivers an energy boost along with its aromatic notes of ginger and yuzu—and is even said to help with shoulderaches and back pains as well.

Take 1 to 3 cups per day. Mix 1 cup (45 ml) of this product with 2 to 3 cups (90 to 135 ml) with hot or cold water to make your desired concentration. You can also drink it by putting it diluted with water in a heat-resistant container and warming it in microwave.

Available in 500ml.

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