Maruya Premium Dried Seaweed

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Japanese Name: 

カット わかめ 「美人」

Maruya Cut Wakame increases in size after soaking into water. It can be used for Miso Soup, Seaweed salad, etc.

Available in 200g


Cook Miso Soup in 2 Simple Steps

1. Take 2 spoon of Itacho Red Miso or Itacho White Miso or Koji Miso and mix with boiling water

2. Place a few piece of Wakame Seaweed and tofu for a enhanced flavor.


Prepare Seaweed Salad in 3 Simple Steps

1. Soak Wakame seaweed in boiling water for it to expand

2. Place Wakame seaweed and your favourite ingredients into a bowl

3. Serve it with Sesame Dressing, Onion Dressing or Yuzu Dressing