MVP Bundle

MVP Bundle

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A bundle specially curated for the World Cup 2022, the colours of the bottles matching the colours of World Cup 2022! Have a drink with friends and family as you watch your favourite teams play on the field!!


Name: Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake (720ml) 
Japanese Name: 菊水 純米吟醸酒

The Kikusui Junmai Ginjyo Sake is a light and comfortably dry premium sake, with the aroma of fresh cantaloupes and bananas, followed by a medium body bringing refreshing orange overtones. With just the right amount of body and a comfortable dryness, it is able to enhance any type of cuisine. It also serves as a great alternative to white wine, and is best enjoyed chilled.

SMV: +3
Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Niigata 新潟

Name: Hakkaisan Kowagura Jikomi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake (720ml) 
Japanese Name: 八海山 浩和蔵仕込み 純米大吟醸酒

Hakkaisan Kowagura Jikomi Junmai Daiginjyo Sake used the great Yamadanishiki rice which had polished down to 45% since its brewing is complexed the produced quantity is very limited.  After the pressing has been done, this Sake is aged for a year in 2℃ storage. It resulting premium taste with rich aroma goes well with not only Japanese dishes but French or Italian cuisine as well.

SMV: +-0
Rice Polishing Ratio: 45%
Alcohol: 17%
Prefecture: Niigata 新潟