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Experience the taste of Japan from your home with our specially curated box. Limited quantities (worth up to $190) at only $138 for a limited time only! 10 Grab Boxes available, while stocks last!

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Name: Kan Nihon Kai UZU Yamada-Nishiki Junmai Ginjyo Sake (750ml)
Japanese Name: 環日本海 渦山田錦 純米吟醸酒

The name "UZU" is created from the sound of the sea waves by the Kan Nihon kai Sake Brewery. Kan Nihon Kai Sake Brewery brews the UZU labels with an image that the sake will melt in your mouth in an exciting manner like 'whirlpools' after each sip.

This Kan Nihon Kai UZU Yamada-Nishiki Junmai Ginjyo Sake has an elegant fragrance and the natural taste of rice. Made using Yamadanishiki rice with a polishing rate of 55% to brew this sake, resulting in a light-weight, medium aroma yet full-bodied complex taste when savoured.

SMV: +2
Alcohol: 16%
Prefecture: Shimane

Name: Yoshinogawa Gokujyo Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (720ml)
Japanese Name吉乃川 極上 特別純

Yoshino Gawa Tokubetsu Junmai is made from the locally harvested Sake rice in Nigata called “Gohyaku Mangoku”. This sake can be served in a wide range of temperatures - cold, room temperature and warmed. Its smooth yet rich flavour, alongside with its deep aroma will be heightened when serving as warm or hot sake.

SMV: +2
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Niigata

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Name: Ozeki Choko Sake Cups x2
Japanese Name: 大関 ちょこ カップ

Made with ergonomics and versatility in mind, the Ozeki Choko cups is a dainty, yet functional cup to enhance your sake drinking experience. With its elegantly designed body, the Ochoko cup fits snugly on the tip of your fingers. The walls of the cup are of the right thickness so that the sake can remain at the temperature you intend to enjoy it at. These cups can be used to serve both hot and cold sake. 

Name: Sekaiitto Mango Umeshu Liqueur (180ml)
Japanese Name: 和歌のめぐみ マンゴー梅酒

A combination of Mango and Nanko Plum results in rich and clear aftertaste liqueur. The sweetness and richness of Mango and sour taste of Plum are well matched. Best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 8%
Prefecture: Wakayama 和歌山 

Name: Meiri Sparkling Hyakunen Umeshu (250ml)
Japanese Name: 明利 スパークリング 百年梅酒

Meiri Sparkling Hyakunen Umeshu is a mixture of brandy, honey, soda and Hyakunen Umeshu, which is derived from 100% indigenous Japanese plum. Carbonated plum wine based on Japan's number one 100-year-old that won the 2nd Osaka Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Tournament. The refreshing bubble with deep plum flavour can be paired with a wide array of cuisine. 

Alcohol: 5%
Prefecture: Ibaraki

Name: Sekaiitto Orange Liqueur (180ml)
Japanese Name: 和歌のめぐみ「有田のみかん酒」  

Using the best quality orange, resulting in a rich peach liqueur. Enjoy the sweetness and tart aftertaste of this orange liqueur, best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 8%
Prefecture: Wakayama 和歌山