Ninki-Ichi “I went to Space” Junmai Daiginjyo Sake

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Japanese Name:  人気一 宇宙に行ってきました 純米大吟醸

On the 5th of June 2021, a rocket carrying Yeast F7-01, also known as “Utsukushima Yume Yeast”, took off from the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida USA, and subsequently safely docked on the International Space Station (ISS) on the same day. Just like this, the yeast stayed into continuous orbit in space for nearly a month (37 days to be exact!) before returning back to Earth on the 8th of July 2021 via the SpaceX Dragon Supply Ship. This out-of-the-world (literally) “space yeast” was handed over to NINKI INC, also known as Ninki-Ichi Sake Brewery, where it was used to brew sake with. 

Born out of this extraordinary yeast is the Ninki-Ichi “I went to Space” Junmai Daiginjyo Sake. It carries flavors of Bubblegum and Strawberry with a touch of acidity. You might also smell a hint of banana and melon scent that originates from the yeast, giving off a unique fruity and gorgeous aroma. "I went to Space" sake is the only product that allows you to feel the romance of space that cannot be found in any other sakes. It is a product with dreams, so please enjoy it!

Read more about the space sake here.

Available in 720ML


  • Grade: Junmai Daiginjyo

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%

  • SMV: N/A

  • Alcohol: 16%

  • Prefecture: Fukushima 福島

  • Brewery: Ninki Inc