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Oden Family Bundle to save you the hassle, all the favorite ingredients and a bottle of stock all in one bundle.

Name: Marukin Shiro Dashi (Clear Stock Base) x1
Japanese Name: マルキン 白 だしごくたん

A very light-colored white soup made from a combination of bonito flakes and kelp flavored with  soya sauce and mirin. By carefully extracting the dried bonito flakes, the deepness of the bonito is increased and become with higher scent.

Available in 340ml

Name: Shirataki (Sliced Konnyaku) x1
Japanese Name: 白滝

Traditional Japanese noodles made from the konjac yam. The word "shirataki" means white waterfall, referring to the appearance of these noodles. Sometimes also called konjac noodles. They are often a fun addition to your bowl of oden.

Available in 200g

Name: Ita Konnyaku x1
Japanese Name: こんにゃく

Traditionally simmered with oden and other stews. Can also use it for stir-fry with meat and vegetables, grilled or served with dipping sauces.

Available in 230g

Name: Chikuwa x1
Japanese Name: ちくわ

Made with sea bream, this traditional Japanese fishcake is a household staple and a favourite among Singaporeans. Great in odens, grilled, stir fry or as a tempura.

Available in 96g

Name: Hanpen x1
Japanese Name: はんぺん (極上)

With a spongy and fluffy consistency, it is a perfect addition to odens. It aborbs the soup base, elevating the flavour. You can also grill it and add your favourite toppings. 

Available in 110g

Name: Chikuwabu x1
Japanese Name: ちくわ ぶ (極上)

Frequently eaten as an ingredient in oden. Made using wheat flour.

Available in 170g 

Name: Gobo Maki x1
Japanese Name: こぼう巻 (極上)

Fried fish cake with burdock (gobo).

Available in 160g


 DR 0911/ DR 0922/ FR 1062/ FR K018/ FR K016/ FR K026