Shoyu Ramen Bundle

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There can never be enough ramen in your life. Introducing our Shoyu Ramen Bundle, you can get an authentic bowl of ramen at home easily. Just bring dilute the soup base in hot water, add your favourite ingredients, cook Konoya Frozen Ramen separately in boiling water, and it is ready to serve!

Name: Chiba Shoyu Ramen Soup (1.8L)
Japanese Name:  醤油 ラーメン スープ

Chiba Shoyu is a Japanese soya sauce manufacturing company with Halal authentication. Rich and mellow flavour with well-cooked aroma of deep-fried scallions. With Chiba Shoyu Shoyu Ramen Soup, you can easily make an authentic Japanese Shoyu Ramen. Dilute 30ml of stock to 270ml of water for a single serving. Use it in ramen, hotpots or even in any cooking.

Kibun Frozen Red Kamaboko (Fish Cake) (135g)

Japanese Name: 紀文 白蒲鉾

Kibun Kamobako White (Frozen Fish Cake) have added sea bream broth to sea bream surimi (fish paste) to bring out the flavour.

Name: Kanoya Frozen Ramen (200gx5)
Japanese Name: 鹿野屋 冷凍 ラーメン (5人食)

Kanoya Reito Ramen is made by the multi-hydrating noodle manufacturing method, which results in its chewy texture and deep flavour of noodles. Also, the noodle is very difficult to be soggy so that you can eat deliciously until the end. It is also ideal for cold noodles and Tsukemen.