Singapore Flyer Bundle

Singapore Flyer Bundle - Sake Inn
Singapore Flyer Bundle - Sake Inn
Singapore Flyer Bundle - Sake Inn

Singapore Flyer Bundle

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Inspired by one of the world's largest observation wheels, the Singapore Flyer Bundle features two award-winning sakes: Momokawa Junmai Sake (recipient of the Kan Sake Award 2019) in 720ml and Ozeki Karatamba Honjyozo Sake (recipient of the Monde Selection Gold Award for 11 consecutive years from 2011 to 2021) in 300ml.


Name: Momokawa Junmai Sake (720ml x 1)
Japanese Name: 桃川 純米酒

The Momokawa Junmai Sake is made for Autumn food flavours and has a splendid nose filled with hints of berry, melon, peach and ripe fruit. Its complex, expressive aromas carry a rich taste and fruity tones that become more apparent when served warm.

SMV: +2
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Aomori

Ozeki Karatamba Honjyozo Sake (300ml x 1)
Japanese Name: 
辛丹波 本醸造

Ozeki’s unique brewing technology brings out the rich and crisp flavour yet dry taste of “Karatamba” that pairs well with any cuisine enhancing the taste. “Karatamba” is an excellent Honjozo-shu that can be enjoyed chilled or warmed any time of year. The perfect sake to indulge your taste buds.

SMV: +7
Alcohol: 15%
Prefecture: Hyogo

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