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Strength Bundle

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Name: Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake
Japanese Name: 
天の戸 醇辛 純米酒

The Amanoto Junkara Junmai Sake is well-balanced, with a dry, earthy taste. It has a brilliant aroma and delightful acidity, with an easy-to-drink texture with a floral nose. It is best served warm or at room temperature and complements well with any cuisine.

Available in 300ML & 720ML

Prefecture: Akita
SMV: +9
Alcohol %: 16-17%


Name: Kame No Umi Tokubetsu Junmai Sake
Japanese Name:

Rice polished down to 59%, Fruity aroma, umami spreads on your palate. Crisp aftertaste for your palette.

 Available in 720ML.

Dryness: +2
Alc: 15%

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