Striker Bundle

Striker Bundle

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A bundle specially curated for the World Cup 2022, representing one of the colours of a football! Have a drink with friends or family using the Ozeki Choko Cups as you watch your favourite team play on the field!


Name: Ozeki Choko Cup (65ml) x2

Made with ergonomics and versatility in mind, the Ozeki Choko cups is a dainty, yet functional cup to enhance your sake drinking experience. With its elegantly designed body, the Ochoko cup fits snugly on the tip of your fingers. The walls of the cup are of the right thickness so that the sake can remain at the temperature you intend to enjoy it at. These cups can be used to serve both hot and cold sake. 


Name: Ozeki Yamada Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (720ml) x1
Japanese Name: 大関 山田錦 特別純米酒

The Ozeki Yamada Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai Sake uses the premium Yamada Nishiki rice, producing a natural, full-bodied flavour. It has a clean, refreshing taste with a dry aftertaste. It is best served either chilled or warm, and pairs very well with dishes such as steak and teriyaki chicken. 

SMV: +3
Alcohol: 15-16%
Prefecture: Hyogo



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