Sweetness Bundle

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Name: Ozeki Momo Umeshu (720ml) x1
Japanese Name: 酔心 稲穂 純米吟醸 

All ingredients are curated from all over Wakayama prefecture, well-known as its high-quality Peach production. Ozeki Momo Umeshu uses Hakuou Momo, which is well-known as the king of peach, and one of the highest quality of Ume, Nanko-Bai. Using high-quality Ume results in a well-balanced sweetness and acidity. This is the masterpiece of fruity peach and ume liquor. 

Alcohol: 8.5%
Prefecture: Hyogo

Name: Okunomatsu Ringo Toro (Apple Liqueur) (500ml) x1

We took fully ripe apples from Japan’s leading apple producer in the Aomori prefecture and squeezed them fresh to combine the juice with our special junmai sake. Please have a taste of this Okunomatsu original liqueur. It is the perfect balance of sour and sweet.

Alcohol: 7%
Prefecture: Fukushima


Name: iichiko Sakura Cups x2

Beautiful limited edition Sakura Cups for you to make the perfect cup of shochu or cocktail. Do note that the sakura cups may differ slightly in design but they would still carry the sakura motifs in all.