Tropical Bundle

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A perfect refreshing trio for any sunny afternoon chill session. Specially curated and bundled for your convenience, here are some of our best-selling fruit liqueurs. Have a taste of our Tropical Bundle - mango, grape and pineapple liqueur. 


Sekaiitto Mango Umeshu Liqueur (180ml)
Japanese Name: 和歌のめぐみ マンゴー梅酒

Combination of Mango and Nanko Plum results in rich and clear aftertaste liqueur. Sweetness and richness of Mango and sour taste of Plum are well matched. Best enjoyed chilled.

Alcohol: 8%
Prefecture: Wakayama 和歌山 

Name: Sekihara Toji No Chosen Kyoho (Grape) Liqueur (300ml)
Japanese Name: 杜氏の挑戦 巨峰

This Japanese sake base cocktail used carefully curated fruits, Kyoho Grape which is known as the king of grapes. Best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

Alcohol: 8-9%
Prefecture: Niigata 新潟 

Name: Sekaiitto Pineapple Liqueur (180ml)
Japanese Name: 和歌のめぐみ 常夏のパイナップル

Used best quality pineapple results in rich pineapple liqueur ever. Sweetness and refreshing sour taste of this pineapple liqueur is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

Alcohol: 8%
Prefecture: Wakayama 和歌山