Tsuyu Bundle

Tsuyu Bundle

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Ninben was founded in the Edo period in 1699, and since then, they have been perfecting the art of dashi (soup stock). This Niben miso soup comes in a convenient single-serving package that is great for busy nights. 


Futaba Shiro Tsuyu (500ml)
Japanese Name: 白つゆ

Light-coloured seasoning with white soy sauce and blended fish dashi such as Bonito, Mackerel, and Sardine. It will enhance the natural flavour and colour of cooking ingredients. Excellent compatibility with egg dishes such as chawanmushi.

Name: Futaba Katsuo Tsuyu (500ml)
Japanese Name: 鰹 つゆ

An authentic all-purpose soup made by blending plenty of bonito flakes with honjyozo soya sauce. Concentrated seasoning with authentically brewed soy sauce and plenty of real bonito dashi. Just lighten with water to create professional flavour in a variety of dishes. Excellent for not just Soba dipping but also for rice, soup, or many simmering dishes. You can easily make full-bodied soup just by diluting this product.