Warabi Mochi Bundle

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Make your very own Warabi Mochi with our special bundle! Read our recipe here

King Warabi Mochi Ko (Bracken Starch Powder) x1
Japanese Name: わらび餅粉

King Warabi Mochi Ko is a high-quality sweet potato starch which has been carefully selected for use in Warabi Mochi. This is a staple item that is essential for summer sweets.

Available in 150g.

Name: Katobihoen Kuromitsu (Black Honey Syrup) x1
Japanese Name: 杜氏の挑戦 ライチ

Made with brown sugar, this kuromitsu is perfect for pancakes, ice cream and almost any dessert.

Available in 200g

King Kinako (Bean Powder) x1
Japanese Name: 

King Kina Ko is the standard product for King Foods product. The sweet powdery Kina Ko is carefully roasted using high-quality Canadian soybeans.

Available in 180g.