Yamagen Junsei Koji Miso (White Miso with Koji)

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Japanese Name: 山元醸造 越中ヤマゲン 純正米こうじ味噌

A Healthier and lighter taste of Miso. Yamagen Junsei Joji Miso (White Miso) is the typical ecchu miso (ecchu is the old name of Toyama pref.). This rich taste and flavour come from rice made in Hokuriku area, salt from Japan Sea, Toyama's beautiful water and traditional manufacturing techniques since 1772.

Available in 1kg.
Prefecture: Toyama

Cook Miso Udon in 3 Simple Steps

1. Boil Yamagen Junsei Miso with water
2. Place Nama Udon into the Miso soup for 1-2 mins at high heat.
3. Garnish with Wakame Seaweed, Hanpen , Chikuwa or eggs.
* Spice it up with some Chilli Powder for a spicy udon

Cook Konnyaku Pork Miso Soup (Tonjiru)

1. Boil 3 spoons of Yamagen Junsei Koji Miso with water.
2. Add Konnyaku, Slice Pork, leek and carrot into the mixture.
3. Stir gently till the ingredients are cooked and it is ready to be served.