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    Established in 1872, Otani Shuzo Co., Ltd. has been continuing a tradition for over 100 years in Kotoura-cho, located in central Tottori. The name of the sake that represents Otani Shuzo, "Takaisami," comes from the original owner, a bird lover who was enchanted by the gallant figure of hawks soaring through the sky. This man, Shun Sakamoto, worked as the chief brewer until 2007 and was famous for being selected as a "modern craftsman" and receiving a yellow ribbon medal. His successor, Hiroshi Soda, also was selected as a "modern craftsman" and received a yellow ribbon medal.

    Even now, the flavour of Takaisami continues to be handed down to the next chief brewer and the brewery staff. While upholding tradition, Otani Shuzo also makes use of their progressive spirit to actively pursue the development of new products.

    2 products
    Takaisami Goriki Junmai Ginjyo Sake
    Takaisami Tokubetsu Honjyozo Sake - Sake Inn
    Takaisami Tokubetsu Honjyozo Sake
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