Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony

Bringing you the Japanese culture of the breaking of sake barrel for prosperity, good health and wealth. Find out more about our sake barrel ceremony here.

Sake Inn Sake Barrel Ceremony Singapore

Introduction of Sake Barrel Ceremony

Japanese sake barrel opening ceremony, kagami biraki 鏡開き, has been a tradition since 300 years ago. What first started as a blessing and tradition for the fourth Tokugawa Shogun when he won the war, it is now currently used at various major events like weddings, New Year, sporting events and any significant event that is worthy to be celebrated. Most commonly, it is performed at opening ceremonies and companies' anniversaries.

Why do we do a Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony

Instead of a typical cutting the red ribbon, the sake barrel breaking ceremony works in a way whereby the VIPs of a company or event would be invited on stage to break the cask of the sake using a mallet. The cask is made of sweet mochi rice which represents ‘crème of the crop’, stating that the company hires only the best for themselves. The ‘breaking’ symbolizes new beginnings and hopeful for the future to come. This ceremony is a deeply symbolic ritual and many people believe that good fortune would be bestowed to the company and its employees upon breaking of the sake barrel.  

Services with Sake Inn

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